Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sununu, Buckley on Gregg's nomination

Below are statements from both John H. Sununu, New Hampshire Republican chairman, and Ray Buckley, New Hampshire Democratic Chairman.

Sununu on Gregg:

“I join all New Hampshire residents in thanking Senator Gregg for 28 years of dedicated public service. I know he will carry his high quality of performance and integrity into his new position. Judd is an old friend and we wish him well in this next phase of his distinguished career. I extend my heartfelt wishes for a speedy confirmation and know that his continued commitment to our country will make New Hampshire proud.

When I answered the call to take over as the Republican Party Chairman in New Hampshire, I knew that there was a very real possibility that Senator Gregg would not run for re-election in 2010. I had to make plans knowing that the seat may be open in the next election cycle. We have kept that in mind throughout this process and I’m confident that 2010 will still be a very good year for Republicans in New Hampshire.”

Buckley on Gregg:

"We are in the midst of financial catastrophe. President Obama was elected to lead and deliver results for the American people, and to go beyond partisan politics to find real solutions to our nation's economic problems. He has nominated Senator Gregg to help him in his effort to rebuild America's economy, and we trust his judgment and support his decision.

"Governor Lynch has decided to stand with the White House and the Senate Majority Leadership at this time of national economic crisis, and we are grateful that we have strong and results-oriented leaders like President Obama and Governor Lynch."

"We look forward to healthy competition for an open Senate seat in 2010. Party registration in New Hampshire has changed significantly in recent years to favor Democrats, and we are confident in our ability to elect a strong Democrat to the seat."

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