Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who too Watch For

Below we have developed a list of potential appointees that Gov. John Lynch can make to fill U.S. Judd Gregg’s seat, if Gregg is appointed Secretary of Commerce.

Possible “seat warmers”

Former Gov. Walter Peterson (R-NH)- He led “Republicans for Lynch” and probably wouldn’t run in 2010
Secretary of State Bill Gardner (D-NH)-Most nonpartisan person in the state, but would leave hole in fight to protect primary

Possible Lynch appointees:

-Gov. John Lynch- Why not appoint himself
-U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes- He wants to be a United States Senator anyways
-U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter- Would please the progressives and has shown she can win in tough races
-Katrina Swett- Has a healthy amount of money in her FEC account
-Gary Hirshberg- We love his yogurt and he’s been making quiet political moves, like suing PSNH
-Blago: Does he meet the state’s residence requirements?
-Former Gov. John H. Sununu- Just for the heck of it

If Hodes is picked, possible contenders for a special election in NH-02:

-Katrina Swett (D-Bow)-Already has money in the bank
-Jay Buckey (D-Hanover)-If you cannot become a senator why not try to become a congressman?
-State Sen. Sylvia Larsen (D-Concord)- Would probably win a Democratic primary, but she’s more powerful as senate president than she would be as a freshman congresswoman
-Attorney General Kelly Ayotte (R-Nashua)- Most popular Republican in the state
-Grafton County Attorney Rick St. Hilaire (R-Lebanon)-One of the only elected Republicans in an increasingly Democratic part of the state
-Former U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass (R-Peterborough)- Has the name ID to recapture the seat for the Republicans
-Former State Sen. Bob Clegg (R-Hudson)-Can write his campaign a check

If Shea-Porter is picked, possible contenders for a special election in NH-01:

-Former Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand (D-Portsmouth)- He wants to run for something in 2010, so why not run for Congress in 2009?
-State Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-Exeter)- She’s often considered a rising star within the party
-State Sen. Lou D’Allesandro (D-Manchester)- His signs can simply read Lou
-Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta (R-Manchester)- He wants to move up the ladder and this might be his chance
-Sean Mahoney (R-Portsmouth)-Can probably bankroll his own campaign
-Former Health and Human Services Commissioner John Stephen (R-Manchester)- Could raise lots of cash in a short amount of time and the third time around might be the charm
-Former U.S. Rep. Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro)-Would set-up another potential Stephen-Bradley primary
-Former New Hampshire Republican Chairman Fergus Cullen (R-Barrington)- He can try and put his farewell speech into action

If Gregg leaves...

There are a lot of rumors circulating that U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) might be nominated to be the next Secretary of Commerce. According to New Hampshire election, law if Gregg abandons his seat Gov. John Lynch will have the power to appoint someone to fill the seat. However, if Lynch decides to pick U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes (D-NH) or U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-Rochester) then their selections will spark a special election in their respective congressional district.

New Hampshire Law:

661:5 United States Senator. If a vacancy occurs in the office of United States senator, the governor shall fill the vacancy by temporary appointment until the next state general election, when a senator shall be elected for the unexpired term.

661:6 United States Representative. If a vacancy occurs in the office of United States representative, the governor with advice of council shall, as soon as practicable, have precepts issued to the selectmen of the towns and cities in the district where the vacancy exists directing them to call a special state general election on the day he designates to fill the vacancy. Such election shall be conducted as provided in RSA 661:11 and shall fill the vacancy for the unexpired term.