Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Political Library Announces 2009 New Hampshire Primary Awards Honorees

From the NH Political Library:

The New Hampshire Political Library is pleased to announce this year’s honorees to be recognized Monday, March 30th at the 2009 New Hampshire Primary Awards:

Mr. Paul Begala: a senior strategist for President Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign and currently political contributor for CNN and Affiliated Professor of Public Policy at Georgetown University's Public Policy Institute

Mr. Mike Murphy: a senior strategist for Senator John McCain’s 2000 presidential campaign and currently political contributor for NBC and MSNBC News; and

Ms. Kelly O’Donnell: NBC News correspondent covering the presidential campaigns of Senator Bob Dole in 1996, Senator John Kerry in 2004 and the Republican field in 2008 and currently Capitol Hill Correspondent.

The 2009 New Hampshire Primary Awards will take place Monday, March 30, 2009 at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Manchester. Dinner Table Sponsorships begin at $2,500 and admission for individual guests is $125. For more information about attending, please call the Political Library at 225-4617, extension 11.

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Will Bower said...

In other primary/caucus news:

The Indiana Assembly is starting to get the right idea:

Not only should Indiana consider moving up its place in the primary calendar, but they should consider challenging Iowa's primacy by going *before* (or at least simultaneously with) Iowa. If enough states join Indiana (namely such states as Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, and Florida), then the RNC and DNC will have little choice but to deny Iowa its status as kingmaker.

And it will indeed take many states to challenge the current party system. As we saw in 2008, two states weren't enough to take on such entrenched interests. If Indiana makes the right decision -- and enough states follow suit -- we'll be better on our way to perfecting a system which now tells the majority of us that we are 2nd-class to the citizens of Iowa.