Friday, February 13, 2009

Guinta takes on Lynch over budget

Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta is criticizing Gov. John Lynch (D-NH) over Lynch’s proposed budget cuts and changes to the room-and-meals tax.

Guinta, a potential gubernatorial candidate in 2010, said he is “deeply troubled” by Lynch’s budget.

“I am deeply troubled that the Governor’s Office does not understand the real problems that this budget proposal lays on the backs of the cities and towns of New Hampshire,” Guinta said. “In his budget, Gov. Lynch asks communities to forego funds that they have used as part of their budget for nearly 40 years. In exchange, he is asking them to use one-time ‘stimulus to cover the revenue shortfall. For the Governor’s Office to dismiss these concerns with the phrase ‘It’s a trade-off’ shows shocking ignorance about their own budget proposal and its consequences. Assuming federal funds arrive on time, as promised by the Governor, there remains no plan for replenishing those funds in the following biennium.”

According to Guinta, “the proposed budget would create a $9.6 million revenue hole in the city’s FY10 budget and a $2.4 million deficit in the current FY09 budget.”

Guinta also said that he would like to organize a meeting of the state’s mayors to discuss the state budget.

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